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Make Afterschool Available For Everyone

Whether it’s time with friends, playing a sport, or participating in a club, some of our students' biggest moments happen after school. After the school day ends, an enriching and supportive environment is key for children to reach their full potential. It provides an academic boost, builds confidence, and creates a sense of belonging. And for working families, it’s critical to have after care arrangements that are safe and where children are continuing to learn and grow.

After All, Harlem Link's in-house afterschool program, is dedicated to putting that support within reach for every student who needs it, free of charge. In addition to onsite tutoring and homework help, we offer instruction in gardening, music, dance, crafting, cooking, and more. Our students have led fundraisers and staged performance showcases. Our offsite partnerships allow us to refer and support families enrolling in other programs around the city. Each Giving Tuesday, we set a new bar for the support we can bring to our afterschool students. Thanks to you, we have 155 students enrolled in After All and partner programs. And yet, almost 20 students sit on our wait list. Your donation can help us bring enrollment to 100%, and ensure a space for every child that needs it.

Donate at the level that’s right for you:
  • $1,500: Put one more student in afterschool care for the full school year
  • $200: Provide a child with one month of afterschool care
  • $100: Be a curriculum supply angel
  • $50: Be a snack superhero

Or, become a fundraiser for Harlem Link Charter School. In just 5 minutes, you can help us provide needed afterschool support with your very own giving website. Set your own goals and spread the word to friends and family that they can make a child’s life a little brighter this Giving Tuesday.

After All, what’s more important than that?

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Fundraiser

How much time will this take?
As little as 5 minutes! Creating an account is very simple, and once it's set up, you'll have all the tools you need to fund-raise.

Will I have to send receipts or thank-you notes when my friends donate?
Nope! Everything is pre-written and automatically generated for you!

What if I don't hit my fundraising goal? Is it on me to make up the difference?
Absolutely not (though we won't stop you). Your goal is your own way to motivate friends and family. Set it to an amount you're comfortable with – it can be as low as $1 or as high as $100,000.

What if I don't want to make my own page, but still want to support Harlem Link?
That's great too! You can always donate directly here; or you can help one of your fellow fundraisers by linking to his or her site. You can also spread the word about our school and what we're trying to accomplish over social media. Every amount, large or small, helps!

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