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Invest in our students and alumni from Start to Finish!

Harlem Link’s Start to Finish is a three-stage program that provides cradle-to-commencement support for children in the Harlem community, from early-learning and school-readiness programs for 0-to-3-year-olds, to middle and high school application support, to college admissions and internship guidance for graduates, with reunion events to keep us connected every step of the way.

Harlem Link’s Start to Finish program leverages the trust and foundation built in elementary school to prepare children for their next stage in life throughout their childhood and adolescence. By replicating the advantages of kids with more resources, we help erase disadvantages of socioeconomic status, and provide students with the strong supportive community they deserve. The resulting network builds social capital for alumni and current students and families.

Our success speaks for itself. Our lower grades have put away $12,800 for college thanks to the NYC Kids RISE program. Our 5th graders all got into their top choices for middle school, with five going to the prestigious Columbia Secondary School. Alumni have also gained access to the Lincoln Center Young Artists Pipeline, Prep for Prep, and Oliver Scholars. This fall, our alumni will begin attending Albright College, Brown University, Guttman Community College, Hampton University, Syracuse University, as well as Vanderbilt Law School, among others. 86% of our students graduate high school in 4 years, compared to 76% of low income students nationally. 74% of our high school graduates have enrolled in college, compared to the demographic college enrollment rate of 46%. We have confirmed 24% of our first alumni cohort graduated with their Bachelors degree in 4-years while surviving the pandemic, compared to 11% demographic average. Some alumni have even begun careers right here in Harlem Link!

Our alumni network gets bigger every year and we need more help to maintain the program and continue outreach. Help us equip our 700+ young people to reach their hopes and dreams.

ATTENTION ALUMNI AND FAMILIES: Thank you for investing in your community! We are building philanthropists and ask that each alum gives a dollar per year since you've graduated.

Please refer to the table below for suggested donations:

  • HL23, 6th grade: $1
  • HL22, 7th grade: $2
  • HL21, 8th grade: $3
  • HL20, 9th grade: $4
  • HL19, 10th grade: $5
  • HL18, 11th grade: $6
  • HL17, 12th grade: $7
  • HL16: $8
  • HL15: $9
  • HL14: $10
  • HL13: $11
  • HL12: $12
  • HL11: $13
  • HL10: $14